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University of Alaska, Seawolf Sports Arena


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Akutan Harbor, Navigation Improvements


Riverside Park Water Reclamation Facility


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Juneau Glacier Hwy.jpg

Juneau Glacier Highway Phase 3


Since River Bend Consulting began in 2000, we’ve provided our services to a variety of businesses. On every project we undertake, our most important objective is to relate with clients and understand their core necessities and goals. Below are some examples of the work we’ve done - take a look, and get in touch to learn more.

Previous Project List

W911KB-18-R-0006 CLR039b CP#2 LRDR Complex Security- Clear AFS, $14,850,000.00
W911KB-16-C-0017 FTG151 Physical Readiness Training Facility, $5,598412.00
W911KB-14-D-0014 TO 0005 KOD011 Jewel Beach Outfall, Kodiak AK, $3,857,656.00
W911KB-17-C-0021 EIE377 F-35A ADAL Field Training Detachment, Eielson AFB, $18,364,944.64
EAR036 ECU & Fire Protection Upgrades- IDT1 (B/7) Shemya Eareckson AFB, $5,894,575.00
Edgewood Chemical Biological Center Bldg E3510 Lab 21, $3,041,440.01
W911KB-17-C-0042 FTW396 Building 2077 Roof Replacement, $8,764,088.11
W911KB-16-C-0036 FTW392 Melaven Pool Ft Wainwright, AK, $6,177,949.60
W911KB-18-C-0012 EIE385, F-35A OSS Weapons Intelligence, $11,909,677.17
W911KB-17-C-0046 Clear Air Station Fuel Storage CLR027, $20,837,535.00
WR171544 Repave Pond Road & Repair Headwall, $633,460.23
Replace Circuits C2/K1 (RM16-0611), $2,830,547.00
Hickam Airfield Lighting Upgrade & Optimization Design, $2,068,167.35
W911KB-14-D-0015/0005 FTG206 R&C Building Chiller 2 Replacement Ft Greely, AK, $1,032,655.00
W912CN-18-R-0017 Community Gathering Pohakuloa Training Area, Island of Hawaii, HI, $1,489,200.92
Redesign Entire AC System at the Child Development Center(CDC) MCBH, $1,087,828.00
C130J Transitional Facilities- Phase I Kodiak, AK, $6,596,459.00
WR372439 B1854H Replace UH AC & Fire Sprinkler Heads, $4,787,867.00
WO# 1299438 Replace Piping Insulation in Bldg 1852H Clay Hall, JBPHH, HI $1,818,633.00
WR 702068 B662 Remodel Restrooms, $427,480.00
W912HP-15-D-0007 FY18 FJ Three Physical Training Pits, $540,000.00
W912HP-15-D-0007 FY18 FJ Obscuration Wall, $628,561.00
W912HP-15-D-0007 FY18 FJ Pinckney Paving & Parking, $96,164.68
SJAFB- Repair Water Distribution System Base Wide, $1,526,755.61
W912HP-18-C-7002 NHCC Water Intrusion, $16,230,297.50
W912BU-18-C-0034 TYAD Buildings 11, 7, 2, 4 and 4A Building Exterior, $16,904,213.72
JBR-023 AKNG Pole Barn, $827,484.00
W91236-17-R-0026 Waterfield Exterior Repairs, $2,066,519.23
W912HP-18-C-0009 Myrtle Beach Reach, $970,672.12
W912-HP-18-C-3003 SAD Ballistic Protection, $937,996.57
W912HP-18-C-3005 MFRC CAD Ballistic Protection, $894,167.07
W912PM-18-C-0034 TACLAN Room Upgrades, Ft Bragg, NC, $729,552.56
W911KB-17-R-0019 FTG192 Switchgear Enclosures, $9,499,339.78
W9128A-18-C-0017 PNEG 07-1071 Repair Tower 1,2 &3 Catwalks, Mount Haleakala, Maui, HI $433,300
W912DY-17-C-0020 WRNMMC IT Renovation $9,019,957.34
W912DY-17-C-0061 Various Repair for Jerry Costello Lock & Dam, Modoc, IL $2,388,345.16
W912DY-18-C-0057 B3025 Seismic Retrofit, FTW, Alaska $2,851,946.00
W911KB-18-C-0031 EIE389 Satellite Dining Facility, Eielson, Alaska $2,835,609.00
W911KB-18-C-0007 EIE384 AGE Facility Fillstand, Eielson, Alaska $20,167,673.00
EAR042 W911KB-17-C-0050 Modernized Enterprise Terminal (MET) Site Preparation $9,063,212.77
W911KB-14-C-0005 Company Operations Facility Ft Wainwright, AK $9,692,860
Lake Oswego Water Treatment Plant Expansion $79,100,000
W911KB-14-C-0019 Battalion Headquarters with Classrooms, Ft Wainwright, AK $14,206,874.39
W9127N-14-C-0016 The Dalles Lock & Dam Powerhouse Tailrace Gantry Crane Rehab $2,743,981.67
W912EF-14-C-0002 PH Bridge Crane Little Goose & Lower Granite Dams $8,198,514
W911KB-14-D-0015 ESS Security Upgrades Ft Greely, AK $3,016,803
W911KB-14-C-0029 Building 2218 Renovation, JBER, AK $352,821.66
69684/BH-0950(1) Juneau-Amalga Harbor Road & Bridges Reconstruction & Replacement
W912HN-14-C-0003 Fort Fisher Off-Base Recreational Facility $886,926.25
W911KB-13-C-0010, FTR335 Modified Record Fire Range, JBER, AK $695,664.00
W911KB-12-C-0015 EIE305 Upgrade Rail Line, Eielson AFB, Fairbanks, AK $968,900.00
68740/HHE-0966(26) Juneau-Stephen Richards Safety & Capacity Improvements, Juneau, AK
13-51-201604 Port MacKenzie Rail Extension Houston, AK $1,251,408.00
Box Canyon Dam, Pend Oreille Public Utilities District
W912DW-11-R-0027 Intake and Spillway Crane Rehab, Albeni Falls Dam, ID 
W9128F-12-C-0046 Garrison Spillway Gate Rehabilitation
W9128F-12-C-0044 Oahe Dam Spillway Rehabilitation
W91278-09-D-0008-DQ04 MOTSU-2013-02 Restoration of North Wharf South Smoker Building
W91278-09-D-0008-DQ03 MOTSU-2013-03 Waste Treatment System
W91278-09-D-0007-DW01 SATOC Various Repairs $1,448,286.37
Fort Buchanan Drill Hall NOSC Addition $6,684,668.11
W91278-09-D-0008-DQ02 Building SRM Projects for Buildings 8 & 30 $1,191,626.73
W91278-09-D-0008-DQ02 Building SRM Projects for Buildings 4, 12 & 29 $4,429,102.71
W911KB-13-R-0002 Modified Record Fire Range Ft. Richardson, AK Bid Schedule
W911KB-13-R-0003 Modified Record Fire Range Ft. Wainwright, AK Bid Schedule
Alaska Vocational Technical Center (AVTEC) Dorm Replacement $16,075,000.00
W912DR-11-D-0018 TO 0004 Letterkenny Army Depot Roofing Project  $425,031.06
W912DR-11-D-0018 TO 0003 Rehabilitation of Binghamton, Endicott, Johnson City NY $166,141.01
W912DR-11-D-0018 TO 0005 Flood Reduction Danville, PA $193,527.19
W911KB-10-D-0003 0005 EIE343 Repair HVAC EMCS $1,489,963.00
FTG155 Various Electrical Tasks $957,112.00
W911KB-10-D-0003 0007 FTG168 Heating Hot Water Distribution $999,946.01
P985 WRA Vehicle Barriers #44255-10-D-5008 0012 $6,994,601.00
FTR271B TEMF & Organization Vehicle Parking $24,839,900
FTR334 Organizational Parking $3,543,599
31030 Bonneville Second Powerhouse Intake Gantry Crane Rehabilitation $4,489,867

Specialized Experience with Multiple Agencies


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


Naval Facilities Engineering Command


U.S. Air Force


U.S. Army


Federal Bureau of Investigation


National Security Administration


General Services Administration


Department of Labor


Colorado Department of Transportation


Alaska Department of Transportation

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US Coast Guard

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